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Emoticons ("emotion icon"), are pictorial representations of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers, and letters—to express feelings, moods and reactions. The first ASCII emoticons are generally credited to computer scientist Scott Fahlman, who proposed what came to be known as "smileys" :-) and :-( in a message on the bulletin board system of Carnegie Mellon University in 1982.
In Western countries, emoticons are usually written at a right angle to the direction of the text. Users from Japan popularized a kind of emoticon called kaomoji, utilizing the Katakana character set, that can be understood without tilting one's head to the left. This style arose on ASCII NET of Japan in 1986.

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Emoticons vs emojis

Emoticons are symbolic faces made up of punctuation marks, letters, and numbers.
Emojis are actual pictures that have been adopted by unicode.